• Trina Stutzman

Here's to Year of Twinkling!

This morning I had great intentions. I planned to go for a jog and listen to a podcast while I ran. It was a beautiful, sunny day with a couple of inches of snow blanketing the ground and walking path. When I began to jog, I thought, ‘oh a picturesque day to stop and take some pictures’. I thought I had a fully charged phone. Not even 5 minutes into my jog, the podcast stopped and the screen went black.

I had to laugh at the lesson the Universe was trying to show me, AGAIN. I heard, “just settle in to what is, travel light, enjoy the moment!”

I tried to argue that I just want to maximize my time and this beauty, it would make a great insta pic! Since I was running away from home there was nothing I could do but settle in.

Some of what I noticed, when the “noise” stopped:

  • The sound of running on the snow

  • The beauty of a half frozen creek

  • My “spot”

  • My real desire for the new year, “to love myself more”

  • The footprints in the snow

  • The hole in the creek where someone attempted ice fishing

  • The cold and sun against my face

I was reminded of the words of a song, “open up, open down, the treasure’s hidden in the ground on which you stand right now.” I want to travel lighter so I can notice the “treasure.” The song speaks to the treasure which I believe is the present moment. For a brief moment when we tune into the present moment, we can stop the thinking mind. Moments are meant to be savored. A string of moments put together and enjoyed is like a string of twinkle lights. Moments by themselves can seem ordinary but when strung together it creates beautiful light. I want to travel light and savor more moments in 2021. And I have just the right journal to help me capture the moments. Here’s to a year of twinkling!

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