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"Listening to Our Longings Ignites Our Imagination."

-Trina Stutzman


What do you listen to? 

There are a lot of voices competing for our attention: family, spouse, children, society, media, religious institutions, culture…But here's the thing. These predefined roles we're expected to step into and conform with to please others don't always please us, and when we look to other people for our self-worth, it backfires. 

There's a lighter, freer, more authentic and joyful way to live.


I work with women to uncover the limiting beliefs and unconscious scripts they've been following so they can remap their own path forward in the journey to spiritual awakening. I recognize that men also encounter these expectations and the longing for a more connected and meaningful life, and welcome the opportunity to help men transform their lives as well.


I offer a range of services to help people bridge the gap between the life they are living and the life they feel called to, including coaching sessions, education and speaking engagements, energy work, and retreat-based services.


Here are the ways we can work together:

Coaching Services

Deep Transformational Coaching

What It Is
Deep Transformational Coaching is a thought-provoking creative process where I provide guidance, support, accountability, encouragement, and resourc
es for you to explore how you want to show up in this world. I combine my personal experience and training to guide you with care and insight through a process of observing, reflecting, and questioning yourself to develop your self awareness and capacity to implement the changes you desire. 


Who It's For
Deep Transformational Coaching is for you if:

  • You are ready to make a transformational shift in the way you think, act, own your power, and claim your voice.

  • You want to show up in the world in a different way, whether that means a new body, a new career, or a new relationship with your Self.

  • You are in the beginning stages of a change, or are going through a midlife unraveling or a spiritual awakening and want compassionate, expert guidance. 

  • You want to create a heart-centered life that feels right for you, but feel stuck in the way of life you've always known. 


What To Expect

Expect to be coached and supported as you cross the bridge to the freedom and confidence to live your soul’s essence, purpose, and full potential. Expect the transformation in your life to have a ripple effect of positive change in your family, community, and world. Expect to start expecting miracles.

IMG_6172 (1).jpg

Small Group Coaching Circles

What It Is

Small Group Coaching Circles are thoughtfully focused sessions with small groups of up to eight women at the same stage of life or facing similar questions and desires.I meet monthly with each group via Zoom to coach participants in gaining clarity in life direction, overcoming fears, and creating the more authentic, exciting lives they desire. 

Who It's For

Small Group Coaching Circles are for you if:

  • You are eager to make a change in your life and want the support of both a compassionate, expert guide as well as a small circle of women who understand what you are experiencing.

  • You want a safe space and supportive group to gain traction in being more visible and speaking your truth.

  • You value expert guidance as well as connections with others on the journey to building a heart-centered life. 


What To Expect

Expect to be empowered to discover a new identity that is not based on fear, conditioning, or predefined roles, but instead honors and liberates the person you truly are. Expect the support of other women who are fellow travelers on the journey to spiritual awakening. Expect to fall in love with who you really are.

Speaking & Education

Workshops & Speaking Engagements

As a coach for over two decades, I love connecting with people and guiding them in a variety of formats and venues. 


Where I Speak
I am experienced in presenting at women's events, retreats, church services, community colleges, forums, lunch and learns, webinars, and other venues.


Types of Events

I am available for a variety of education and speaking events including corporate wellness days, break out sessions, discussion panels, workshops, in-person and online learning opportunities, and retreats.


Sample Topics

  • Live Your Brilliance: Quiet Your Inner Critic and Reclaim the Driver's Seat

  • BeYOUtiful You! Embracing Your Soul's Essence 

  • Empowerment Writing: A Spiritual Practice to Navigate Stress

  • Grow Confidence: Break Up with F.O.P.O (Fear of People's Opinions)

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

"Wow. Trina's talk was fantastic, real, funny, serious, and inspiring. She is indeed a Minister of Encouragement!" 

- Christin, business owner


"I appreciate Trina's gentle spirit, listening ability, thoughtful responses, openness, and desire to learn and grow with us."

- Dan, business owner

Energy Work


What It Is

Reiki is an ancient, gentle yet powerful energy healing practice. While it is a hands-on technique, it works with the energy in your body rather than with your muscles like massage does. The touch is very light, and is meant to help the energy in your body flow evenly, restoring balance in areas that might be sluggish or blocked. Reiki doesn’t diagnose or provide medical treatment for any illnesses, but can help both chronic and acute conditions by promoting balance among all of your body’s systems and enhancing your innate ability to heal. 


I am a Reiki Master, which means I have attained the highest level of training in this healing art. In addition to practicing Reiki, I can also teach it to others. 

Who It's For

Reiki is for you if:

  • You crave more joy, vitality, and energy in your life, and want a natural, safe, non-invasive way to achieve it.

  • You are seeking relief from stress, pain, or the symptoms of physical ailments like headaches, stomach or back issues, menstrual problems, and sinus or respiratory issues.

  • You are looking for help in healing from emotional trauma or addiction.

  • You want increased energy and mental clarity to create positive new habits, lose weight, or boost your stamina.

  • You want a holistic way to support your immune system, sleep better, and have an overall increased feeling of calm and balance.

What To Expect

Expect the kind of deep and soul-satisfying relaxation that allows for healing of the mind, body, and spirit. Expect to have your body’s natural ability to detoxify and restore itself enhanced and supported with regular sessions. Expect to enjoy a greater and more lasting sense of peace, calm, and well being in your life as your energy is balanced to its optimal state.

Reiki Treatment
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